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  Art in Hospital   began as a community project for patients in 1994, and was subsequently registered as a charitable institution. Art in Hospital believes in the consoling and therapeutic power of art, and through group artistic creation in collaboration with artists, medical professionals and volunteers, we continue to serve the community by advancing the development of art in hospitals in Hong Kong, and to advocate love and charity.



Deliver Holistic Care

Bring art into the hospitals to provide a comforting environment for patients to receive treatment.


Unite Artistic Force

Encourage artists, art students, volunteers and general public to contribute their creativity and artist skills to benefit the community. 


Involve Patients as Artists

Involve patients to take an active role in expressing and sharing their feelings to achieve self-healing, and to explore their artistic potentials.


Support the Supporters

Provide professional training of hospital art for volunteers and medical practitioners who can reach out to benefit the community.


Nurture the Society

Raise awareness of hospital art in the community and encourage public participation in hospital art projects.


Explore Opportunities

Utilize possible resources, establish partnerships and seek service opportunities and sponsors to support hospital art.


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