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Mural painting is Art in Hospital's Service of longest history. It directly beautifies the hospital environment with colours and images. Patients can be embraced with comforting surroundings which help ease their pains and anxieties. We have painted over 200 murals in hospitals and care homes in Hong Kong. Each project carries an original design that suits the environment best.


Ar tin Hospital also organizes a variety of art workshops. Chronic hospitalization and treatment would easily make patients depress and lose self-confidence. the art workshops offer opportunities for them to express their creativity and bring them joy and confidence. 



 Hospital Art Exhibition 


Two hospital galleries are set up in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. We aim to generate a vibrant hospital environment and transform the gloomy hospital corridors into galleries spaces in soothing patients and their carers, medical staff’s emotion and pressure.
We also bring hospital art into community by setting up exhibition in Hong Kong Central Library and Hong Kong Cultural Centre.






While we are practicing hospital art in real setting, we try to reinforce it in academic and theoretical aspects. By inviting experts from different countries in workshops, seminars and symposium, we pay our effort to help the public, volunteers and medical professional enhance their knowledge in self-healing, pressure release and sub-ordinate function in healing by art.






Art in Hospital has published a diversity of books for different people reference; including children story books, patients’ sharing and manual of art facilitation in hospital setting.

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